Moving / Packing & Storage Tips
Start packing at least two weeks in advance
Organize your items-do you need to move everything? Can you donate some items or sell them in a yard sale?

Use uniform boxes so they stack easier and can support the weight of other boxes

Saving money by collecting used boxes could cost money in the end. Used boxes could collapse from unbalanced weight causing damage to many of your items. Used boxes that were previously used for shipping could contain insects or eggs in the corrugation. Always be sure and ask our professionals about our uniform, clean, new boxes.

Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for light-weight bulky items

Most boxes will have the same weight capacity, but too much weight in a box could either break the bottom or your back.

Label boxes clearly to find items later or to know where each box will go

Identification will also inform your helpers or movers where a box is to go, or what is in it. This should help with minimizing damage or reducing it entirely.

Use proper wrapping paper or bubble for protecting fragile items

Sometimes it is well worth the few extra dollars to use the proper packing supplies to protect your fragile items that might be irreplaceable or cost more than the supplies themselves to replace.

Use fragile tape or stickers to identify boxes with fragile items

Using red tape or stickers is easier to identify than just writing fragile. Some people overlook what is written on the box as they may assume it was already there before you packed the box. Inform all your helpers that you have used new boxes and they are all correctly identified.

Contact the company you are using to move in advance to ensure availability

Contact one of our professionals to assist with your booking When determining a moving professional always ask for references and what associations they belong to. Ask if they have any letters of thank you from previous customers. Don’t judge a mover based on their rates. A professional should always visit your home before giving a final estimate. They need to know where the items are being moved from. Such factors as stairs, elevators, small door openings, hallways, heavy items, and many others will affect their time.

Ask about insurance, if they carry blankets on their truck, do they have specialty carts for appliances, pianos, heavy furniture. Do they provide wardrobe boxes, other boxes, stretch wrap. How long have they been in business, how long have their employees been working for them. How big is their truck-will they require multiple trips. What are your payment options and is there a contract/agreement to be signed. If there is an agreement read it carefully to ensure that you are protected as well as them. Learn about as much as you can about the mover of your choice. These extra questions could mean the difference between moving into your new house with all your items or having to replace items, or just simply paying too much to try and save money by the hour.

Ensure that any rental equipment that is needed is reserved for your move
(ie. Appliance carts, moving blankets, etc.)

Maybe your mover will supply these. If you are not using a mover, can you rent them from your storage company. Do you know how to use the equipment properly. Ask one of our professionals to demonstrate and answer any questions you may have. If you are moving into storage, make sure you have visited the facility to confirm the unit size and reserved the space for your date Does the facility offer the features you are looking for? Do you feel comfortable dealing with the storage company? Can you access your items at your convenience? Were you given options when reserving your space?

Contact the postal service to inform them of your address change.

Also contact all your suppliers such as; cable, telephone, utilities, ministries, and others.


Before your move, ensure with your insurance company that your policy does cover your items while they are in storage. Maybe you can upgrade your policy or add a rider to the policy until you are in your new home. If your provider does not cover your items ask our professionals to assist with possibly gaining a new provider.

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