Payless Moving & Packing Products
Corrugated Boxes

Our standard sizes are 2, 3, 4, and 5 cu ft boxes. Using boxes of the same size increase the strength of the box when stacked. Our boxes also come with a pre-printed label for you to fill in which room or items. All our boxes are purchased in bulk from a Canadian supplier. This allows us to pass on our savings to you. All boxes are made in Canada, just check the stamp on the bottom. Our supplier has access to many sizes, even custom sizes. If you have a special item or order let us know, we will make sure you are taken care of.

Did You Know? Trying to save money by collecting used boxes from the grocery store could cost you a lot more. Most grocery stores are not allowed to recycle boxes due to the possibility of insects laying eggs inside the corrugation during shipping of foods from the fields. Using new, clean boxes for packing will help keep your items from being damaged by insects.

Specialty Boxes

Short & Tall Wardrobe Boxes are ideal for clothes (dresses, suits, jackets, and special materials) you don’t want to fold and keep packed in a suitcase or box. China barrels are designed to support heavier items, and can be used with a cell kit to help protect dishes and glasses.

Spend to Save
Ask anyone who has moved and they will agree that if you don’t pack everything correctly you will increase the possibility of damaging something. If one good china plate, or wine glass broke because it wasn’t protected it just might cost more to replace than to have purchased the proper supplies initially.

Bubble Wrap & Stretch Wrap

Our bubble wrap is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Each roll is perforated every 12 inches for your convenience in tearing the bubble to the size you need. Commercial grade stretch wrap for protection of many items is also available. Use stretch wrap on cabinets and dressers or anything with doors that you would normally tape. The stretch wrap will not leave a glue residue and provide a better grip. Oversized furniture can be wrapped in plastic to hold in the cushioning and protect them from tears and wear.Bubble can protect your fragile items from large to small. We can also supply you with a larger sized bubble for larger, heavier items such as TV’s or large vases. Our bubble wrap is perforated every 12” and can easily be torn to make the daunting task of wrapping much easier.

Packing Tape, Specialty Tape & Labels

Proper packing tape will adhere to cardboard and can be removed slowly without tearing the box. Our tape still has the strength necessary to hold the bottom of the box with the recommended weight limits. See also our specialty tape for fragile items and labels for quick identification.

Keeping It All Straight
Using labels on all your boxes will help identify where the box should go. Labels will also tell your movers or helpers if the items are fragile and should be handled with extra care. If you are packing a lot of boxes and need to tape them you should use a tape dispenser. Dispensers are available in commercial and economy grade, they are designed for easy taping and cutting. Don’t fight with the tape trying to find the end or folding it over after each time you use it-just use a dispenser.

Storage Bags

We carry various storage bags for your protection. Mattresses of all sizes, sofas, and chairs. Keep your items free from dust and/or moisture. Our storage bags are designed to breath, but not let moisture or dust in.

Wrap It Up
Furniture gets abused the most during a move. Whether you are moving them into storage or from house to house. Everything else will get packed into boxes and containers, but the furniture is just picked up and carried away. Protect your furniture from dust and moisture. Measure everything and compare our sizes below. Call our professionals to ensure we have enough in stock and let your furniture know you care and they will give you support for years to come.

Mattress Bags-single bag in each package

Single – 39” + 9” x 88”
Double – 54” + 9” x 88”
Queen – 60” + 11” x 94”
King – 70” + 19” x 96”
Furniture Bags
Chair Cover – 60” x 72”
Sofa Cover – 60” x 136”

*All bags are a 3mil thickness