Payless Security Features

We are being told by our customer’s that they want to feel at peace when they leave their items in a storage facility.
Here are some of the features we are including to help achieve that feeling:

Electronically Controlled Gate

– you are provided with your own access code
– when you enter your code it will allow you access into the facility.
– this will allow you to enter your unit(s) without causing any alarms.

24 hour Digital Surveillance Cameras

– our cameras are located in high traffic areas and cover all entrances and exits of the facility and buildings
– the digital surveillance is time and date stamped as there is motion in the area. If there is any need to review the video we can also compare to the activity log of our customers to know who was on site during that time.

High Security-Theft Deterrent Cylinder Locks

– even with cameras, access codes, security gates, and alarms, if you don’t secure your space with a good lock it could be the reason a loss may occur.
– we insist all our storage units are locked with a cylinder lock
– these locks are specially designed for storage units and cannot be cut like a traditional padlock, nor can they be picked by even the most skilled locksmiths
– a cylinder lock is flush mounted on the front of the unit and is actually locked in behind the door as opposed to out front.
– the barrel key design is a unique style key that is differentiated from the rest of the keys on your key ring.
– all the locks look the same so it is extremely difficult to know which lock the key will fit into.

PAYLESS offers this state-of-the-art-security with convenient 24 hour access 7 days a week.

The PAYLESS management staff will complete a facility walk around often to ensure there are no problems on site.